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Discipline Plan


Mr. Holmes                Quincy High School               Information Technology/Electronics



  1. Respect one another!
  2. Report to class on time and report directly to your desk
  3. Bottled water is allowed in the class but is not to be within 10 feet of computers
  4. Participate in class and do your best work
  5. Follow the rules in the student handbook


  1. Name on board: warning of impending doom
  2. Check next to name: invitation for a 15 minute stay in the 2:30 Tuesday Club
  3. Second check next to name: invitation for a 30 minute stay in the 2:30 Tuesday Club
  4. Third check next to name: invitation for a 30 minute stay in the 2:30 Tuesday Club, a phone call home, and development of a Behavior Action Plan.
  5. Continued behavior issues and/or major classroom disruption will result in referral to the Student’s Dean

Students’ names will be removed from the board each Tuesday after school.


  1. Praise and thanksgiving daily (no, that does not mean turkey)
  2. The express joy of learning each and every school day
  3. Periodic Yum-Yums from the Three Seasons Bakery
  4. Various other rewards and perks


STUDENTS:  I have read and understand this Discipline Plan.  I will honor it while in class.

Signature _______________________________________   Date _____________________


PARENTS:  My child has discussed the Discipline Plan with me and I will support it.

Signature _______________________________________   Date _____________________


TEACHER: I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan.

Signature _______________________________________   Date _____________________


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