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The Home for Quincy High School Information Technology and Digital Electronics Students
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Program Information

Information Technology Program

The Information Technology Career and Technical Education Major at Quincy High School is a three year program to prepare students for professional certifications and career opportunities in the Infomation Technology field.


Class Rules and Discipline



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Professional Certifications

Students studying Information Technology at Quincy High School learn the skills that employers demand for their IT support staff.  The program is also designed so students will learn the material required to pass certain industry recognized Information Technology Certifications.  Though taking and passing certification exams is not required of the program, students are strongly encouraged to do so. 

For more information about certifications use the links to the lower right.



Information Technology Courses

1. Creative Technology Tools:
Basic functions of system software and applications - An absolute “must-take” class for any student

2. Information Technology I:
Study computer hardware and software and how they work together

3. Information Technology II:
Further study of computer hardware and in depth look at computer networking

4. Information Technology III:
Continued study of computer concepts and preparation for professional certification and employment in the IT Industry

Certification Links

Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³)

CompTIA A+® Certification

CompTIA Network+® Certification

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)



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